I got my Bachelor's degree in Sociology which gave me an overview of how people function within societies. This background in sociology also helped me in understanding, accepting, and working with people of different cultures and backgrounds.

When I graduated with my degree in sociology, I started as a social worker in San Francisco. I quickly realized that if I wanted to help people, I really needed to go back to the field of education. I quit my job in social work and moved to South Korea to teach English and see if teaching was right for me. In my year of teaching English in South Korea, I fell in love with teaching.

I moved home and starting working towards my Masters degree in Education and teaching credential at Western Governors University. I taught English online to students age 5-14 online with VIPKID for six months before starting a job in my city as an After School aid at a private school. I worked at this school for the school year before starting my student teaching.

In the fall of 2017, I completed my student teaching at Thomas Edison Charter Academy (TECA) in San Francisco and in the spring of 2018, I returned to TECA to work as a substitute while I finished my MA and teaching credential Program.

Finally, I recieved my MA of Education in June 2018 from Western Governors Univeristy.

My background in sociology, passion for teaching, and three years of diverse education experience have prepared me for a career as a teacher.